Friday, September 17, 2010

three months from today

i'm turning thirty.
this photo is with my uncle wayne, i am almost three!

up until now, i'd not cared two sticks for this milestone.
for some reason, it hit me earlier this week-
a tremendous wave of mixed emotions.
according to statistics, i am nearing my halfway mark of life! that is overwhelming to my human brain. god is sovereign, and he knows exactly how many days i have on earth. honestly i am eager to meet Him in heaven:) i'm not worried about getting older and dying, rather about how i am managing this time i'm given. i feel like i need to overhaul my agenda as mama, wife, daughter, sister, friend and begin living wiser! how and where to begin? not sure, other than obviously becoming closer to christ through his word so i can have the strength!

i am thrilled for a new decade in this life of mine! what exciting things are ahead?
as i look back on my childhood, pain and pleasure, i miss those dear days! my preteen years, happy i made it through! the teens and early twenties are filed together for me as a horrendously long running and dramatic night-time soap show. THANK GOD that is all over. these last several years, much growth has occurred and i am finally feeling a little settled:)

having learned a great deal, often by my own failures, i feel i have a decent handle on my identity and very thankful for who god has created me to be. my desire is to learn so much more and to really glorify Him, in all i do. i want to enjoy this new stage in adulthood, by being more satisfied in christ and his plans for me.

when i look in the mirror i often laugh to myself, because sometimes i have forgotten that i am "old" until i see me looking back at me. ha! i'm not a smooth skinned, athletic and trim girl anymore. wrinkles, extra weight, tired eyes...the list goes on!

these next few months, i plan to brainstorm with myself about some "new me" goals.
time's movin' on and i wanna keep up and CELEBRATE!
any ideas? share them with me!

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