Thursday, September 30, 2010


hooray, my mama is in the house!
we are all enjoying these sunshine-filled days together! although i got a nasty cough the day she arrived, i'm nearly better now and ready to party!
last night i began, with the help of me mum of course, the makings of a quilted table runner. it's a sweet little christmas one, i'll post a picture when it's finished-even if it looks funny-i'm a beginner still you know! i realized last night, sewing may not be for me after all. see, i hate pins, needles, really anything "pokey". so maybe crochet? hmmm...

tomorrow morning early, patrick and i will be headed to the cities for a conference. elijah grey will be here with grandma cindy, aunt linnea and uncle ben. good times ahead!

if the prairie winds will ever give it a rest, i plan to take some pictures of elijah, maybe a new header for the blog will come about. hoping for a few good shots, he is mighty cute you know! ;)

the leaves have turned, the huge sky is blue and dotted with puffy clouds. glorious weather. GLORIOUS!

first batch of caramel apple dip was made this week, many more in store! it is SO good! next week, planning caramel apple making session. can hardly wait for it, we LOVE autumn! {i guess mostly autumn treats it seems. heehee}

wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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