Friday, September 10, 2010

hot cocoa heaven

looks good, right? 
for eleven ways to make your own!

i love hot cocoa.
with or without marshmallows.
when i say love, i really mean it.
once i start consuming, i find it difficult to stop!
homemade or from the package, no matter. of course i can taste the difference in richness, but to me it's all delicious.
i wish i knew what exactly it is...about tearing open a(or two)packet of swiss miss, pouring it into a big beautiful mug, dousing the chocolatey powder with water from a whistling pot.  stirring and stirring, then tossing about fifty mini marshmallows on top, watching them melt into the chocolate just makes me all happy!
like a kid, on field day...or even christmas!
yep, that excited every time.
although i've been known to whip up a cup at other times,
this is hot cocoa season, folks.
fifty degree temps, chilly winds. the beginning of a cozy fall then leading into a twinkly christmas followed by blustery old winter-each day a hot cocoa day! hooray!


  1. Not quite 50 degrees here, more like 98, but I might just turn down the air conditioner and make some cocoa (hot chocolate) myself!! Yummy!

  2. Ahhh yes, September in Mississippi!
    Yes, turn that air down and enjoy some hot chocolate!