Wednesday, September 22, 2010

childcraft-how and why library

encyclopedias. i am a huge fan, although i own not a one.
the photo above depicts a special set,
the childcraft series of world book's encyclopedias.
i wish i could say this was a picture of my collection, but it isn't. mine was sold at a yard sale several years ago. for years i have intended on buying a "grown up" set AND finding a vintage set like the one we had growing up. i think of it about once a year, then that is as far as i get, until the next year.
sunday night my sister, her husband and a new friend were over, we enjoyed chilling out as usual. one of our conversations was about computers. you know, how huge they are in our lives now compared to growing up with minimal need/use for one or even without one! remember legit reports for school? not that the work isn't tedious still, but seriously, the time it takes to research now is considerably less than even when i was a student! remember library visits, microfiche,
endless book searches---no google. no online resources.
with advanced computers and the world wide web things are crazy easy now. everything you'd ever want to learn about, and even a load of stuff you'd never want to know!
sunday night i dreamt about encyclopedias.
i know, super cool, right?
it actually was cool, because i was a kid, a little one, in my living room on andover drive, "reading" my encyclopedias. i kept looking at the freaky eye ball photo in the about me volume. the dream was a typical weirdo one because although i was little me, i was also married to present day patrick, had elijah and my cell phone. there was much more,
even if i could recall it all i would spare you.
if you are dying to know more, flip on the sci-fi channel and you'll feel like i told you my dream.
i woke up monday morning obsessed with reading, i've been ignoring it since we moved. i am especially obsessed with becoming the owner of encyclopedias, kiddie and adultie ones;) i have seen the "childcraft-how and why library" on ebay, it's settled i need those, but any suggestions for old people encyclopedias? i think i'd prefer a set a bit out of date. i only want the best set though. the old britannica commercials are blazed pretty well into my brain, but are they the best?
also, i am a dork.

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