Saturday, June 12, 2010


this cute accessory from anthropologie is called "peaking pleats".

although i think the handbag above is adorable and fun,
this post has little to do with it.
this little post is concerning a word (see title).

it has been brought to my attention that when i say "accessory" or "accessories",
i sound like an idiot. "why?", you ask. apparently, i mispronounce it and say ASS-ess-er-eee.
i have argued and argued about this, but have finally realized that i did indeed say it the stupid (wrong) way. pfft.
i am fairly certain is has more to do with my hint of southern lazy mumbling rather than redneck diction.
seriously. i am a lazy talker.
SO, i have been practicing.
this is requiring much hard work on my part.
what other words make me sound like a goober?
(and that was a rhetorical question :D)
now i am frightened to speak around anyone i don't know.
yes. i have developed a complex*.

(*for this complex, i would like to thank my darling husband and sweet sister.)


  1. Please don't be self conscious! I am so pleased you considered and were humble enough to admit you were wrong!! I love you-- and you are a lazy talker--but miss mumbleypegs has little room to correct!



    Oh and Mom, you shouldn't call Patrick Miss Mumblypegs!


  3. The most humbling is when you're teaching English as a Second Language and you realize you've been saying a word wrong all your life and now you're trying to teach your students the correct way. (Though the book says to teach it like they'll hear it. Hmm. think Walmart on this one).
    I confess that I picked on my Eastern Shore, over 65 ladies a fair amount:-)

  4. I've been made fun of saying "pin" for "pen", "Collie flower" for "cauliflower", and "vee hemint" for "vehement." Remember when Goob' used to say "Muhk" for "milk"?

  5. @Cindy: thanks and I think I can count on one hand the times i've been wrong...I mean...the times I have admitted being wrong...

    @linnea: the man in the moon called, he wants his head back...

    @riverrat: pretty sure they don't want me teaching English to anyone!! Ha! And who HASN'T picked on the delmarvelous ladies?!

    @jared: ahh yes, veehemint. Me too! And obviously pen we both say correctly;) (and linnea still says muhk-dont believe otherwise!)