Saturday, May 22, 2010

mini trip

tuesday morning, at dark-thirty, we woke to get on the road to minneapolis. ben and linnea joined us which was tons of funwell, except for the five of us riding sardined in the accord:)! elijah was quite saintly the entire time. it may've only seemed so because i was braced for the worst---either way, what a champion traveler!!

our first stop, the chick-fil-a on the univeristy of minnesota campus. sadly it was only an express, but we were still able to score nuggets and waffle fries! annnnnd so began our healthy eating on our excursion:D the day was sunny and warm, the campus was gorgeous! the parking garage we used was less than comforting, but all was well. cramming back into the blessed honda, we were off to check-in to our hotel early and unload our bags etc.

the sheraton in bloomington, very near ikea and mall of america, is just wonderful! we were all able to stay in the large beautiful room for $57!!! praise jesus for priceline! pleased as punch with our swank on a budget room, we freshened up and were off yet again! next stop, mall of america!

linnea shared her funny luck that she always gets a spot right near the door, so we gave it a peek before heading into some other far off lot. voila! a spot just for us a few yards from the front door!! hooray! elijah was thrilled to be out and about. it was way cool that the entrance we chose was the one right beside the nickelodeon universe amusement park! it will be so fun when elijah gets even just a few months older and will appreciate the wonder of the adorable amusements there! backyardigans, wonder pets and such all themes for the cute rides! the park is next to the american girl store. the guys were not as intrigued as linnea and i were, but who cares about them? just kidding.

the browsing began, so many fun stores---overall, i much prefer the king of prussia mall. but the mall of america did greatly entertain us! i managed to walk out of williams-sonoma without buying anything, mainly because i had hopes for a sweet blush brush at sephora:D, although i enjoyed the bbq burger & marguerita cookie samples immensely!! we visited the apple store, linnea and ben looked up jared and matt on youtube on an ipad, for funs.

patrick and i both got new wallets, elijah got some nice shorts and shirts AND sunglasses!! woohoo! what a cutie! i will post a picture of him wearing them. yes, he actually LOVES them and keeps them on! it is HILARIOUS!

another fun part of the day was of course fun food.
it was in fact free scoop day at haagan-dazs!! we chose amaretto almond crunch. yum.
i bought some see's candies, a major weakness of mine! dinner was enjoyed at bubba gump! after many visits to the one in nyc, i had a hankering for their food, and everyone agreed to go! patrick and ben and elijah had never been! elijah was entertainment for us as well as the wait staff-until the poor guy in the shrimp mascot suit came to say hi, elijah was a wee bit put off by him. sad sad. we had many delights at our table, stuffed ourselves to the brim!! well, almost, we stopped at dairy queen for dipped cones on our way back to the hotel. heehee.

with achy feet and tired bodies, we rested for the night. kind of. elijah was freaking out whenever he woke up, guessing because he didn't recognize his surroundings. yikes. ben and linnea are oh so gracious.

wednesday morning we woke to elijah jumping up and down in his pack and play. (man does that kid catch air!!) jumping, in poop. yes folks. he really did a good one. blech. i'm just REALLY thankful for the greenworks cleaning wipes i packed!!

on this yet another gorgeous sunny day, we found a starbucks, eventually, then headed to a brief visit to ikea! linnea found some amazing fabric and i got my precious paper napkins---my stockpile was bare! we also got a funny little potty for elijah. not sure when i will really try the whole training bit, but i think soon:)

my friend leslie lives in the city and i haven't seen her since she got married and moved there four years ago! SO she came and ate lunch with us at red robin. it was so nice to see her! and once again, circus boy was in his glory at the table. good grief what a hammy elijah is!

loading into the car again, which at this point felt more like a ford fiesta than a honda accord, off to the albertville primeoutlets! thankfully, to our surprise, the outlet center had a cute little playground that elijah LOVEd and lots of funny little rides. you know, the tacky little quarter fed ones? so fun! he was so cool at the outlets in his new shades. soooo cool. my fave find was a fun set of coasters at the coach outlet! $25! also favorite are the tiny bright blue crocs we got elijah:)

once again, tired and hungry, we found a panera on the way home!! AND another starbucks:) safe travels were a blessing. time away with family a huge blessing. the bonus money patrick made at work to make the trip possible, AMAZING!! :)

i certainly wish i could have written a more grammatically correct and interesting account of our mini trip...but alas, creative juices are nil today.

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