Wednesday, May 05, 2010


i really desire a fancy smancy camera.
truly madly deeply.
need one.
i want to preserve my memories in pictures. great ones.
i wish to learn a bit about photography at some point as well.

now, i need some wisdom given
as to what brand/type(whatever) will suit my needs best!

my new camera will take photos beautifully outdoors and in. on cloudy or sun filled days. at parties or in my kitchen. my new camera will be easy for me(a dummy)to use and take care of. it will be fairly light and small. it will capture photos of my energizer boy in action without looking like a picasso painting.

there you are.
please help me decide---i will be doing my part, saving up the money to buy my new camera!!!


  1. hannah, i always buy canon. they are just well made and usually on top of the technology. nikon and olympus are okay as well.

  2. I started out with a Canon Rebel many years ago & it was a great starter to mid-level camera. New digital Rebels are really nice, affordable,& don't weigh a ton like the camera I have now. Check out B&H Photo. I buy a ton from them. Hope it helps:)