Tuesday, April 27, 2010

cinnatoast for breakfast

yesterday ree drummond posted a delicious and humorous post that
simply made me drool.

cinnamon toast.

you really must visit her to see the correct way to make it.
i enjoyed this delight for breakfast this morning.
(and maybe last night as a snack...
but you'll never really know, will you...)

and mama, don't worry, i don't fault you at all
for allowing the wrong way to be my usual method.
we are both ignorant. (well, i am not anymore...)


  1. LOVE the Pioneer Woman! Had to grab this recipe and print it out...did you really make a full batch of 16 slices? LoL I know that'd be enough for only me!

  2. Ha! I made six pieces...only so I wouldn't eat them ALL!