Tuesday, October 24, 2006

God uses Beth Moore.

good morning, all. i read this early this morning and wanted to share it with you. maybe some of you struggle as i do with this captivity! before reading this, i had already decided that god was directing me to "slow down" and this was a just a little confirmation :) you can pray for me.

Captivity of Activity
Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.1cor10.31

In two short phrases, the Apostle Paul practically wrote a thesis on simplification. For every one of us who ever wondered where to draw the line, juggled too many balls at once, or had trouble making up our mind, Paul offers a timely simplification: “Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” We differ in talents, gifts, and resources, but the hands of time strangle us all. We desperately need a time management course—but who can fit it in?

When our beloved Michael was little, he loved to “help” me grocery shop. Once he begged me to buy our dogs a large bag of rawhide bones. His face was so animated that I agreed, but when we arrived home I forgot about the purchase. Michael—always quite a sneak—slipped the bag out without my noticing. Later that day a strange commotion in the back yard seized my attention. Our dog, Sunny, was hopping frantically in every direction, kicking up more grass than a weed eater, and panting as if she were fighting for her last few breaths.
When I walked out to investigate, I heard Michael laughing mischievously, and then I saw them—at least a hundred bones scattered all over the backyard. Sunny was frenzied. So little time—so many bones!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not dogging us for trying. Most of our bones are good ones. We’ve just got too many to chew. In our attempt to do a hundred good things, we may not do any of them well. We’re caught in the captivity of activity—hopping frantically in every direction, tongues dragging and lungs panting. We’re dog tired.God never meant for us to live frenzied lives. Backbreaking schedules are not His idea. How can we, believers in Christ, restructure our lives and find a little refreshment?

Reestablish the goal. Isaiah 43:7 tells us we were created for His glory. The purpose of our brief journey on this planet is to glorify God. He desires for us to pour the best of our energies into God works. Go back to the basics.

Redirect your focus. Matthew 6:33 makes a revolutionary promise. If we seek God first, He will direct our schedules and help us to discern His priorities through the work of the Holy Spirit. Give the Matthew 6:33 approach a try! It really works!

Rethink your motivation. Galatians 1:10 prompts us to ask ourselves if any of our activities are seeking man’s approval rather than God’s. If we seek to please people rather than God, rules will constantly change and expectations will soar.

Rest in God’s will. Hebrews 4:10 says, “Anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from his own work.”

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? God is not unreasonable. He does not heap on stress and then refuse to grant us rest. None of us can do one hundred things to the glory of God. Let’s find rest in His will and do a few things well.

Lord, thank You for the freedom You give to those who walk in Your ways. I do not want to live in the frenzied, busy pattern of this world. Please show me the “bones” I’ve picked up that You have not called me to. Holy Spirit, please help me discern Your priorities and empower me to do them to the glory of God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

~from whispers of hope, by beth moore

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  1. thanks Hannah!
    You are a great encouragement.
    Thanks for the hugs.